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Bea Bolongaita

Filipina American Poet

Debut Chapbook

The Tomato Woman

A “powerful collection” (Adam Clay) of poems from “a voice that demands engagement and attention with each vulnerable confession” (K.E. Ogden), Bea Bolongaita’s debut chapbook The Tomato Woman rewrites a traditional Midwestern coming-of-age story within the context of Filipina American identity. In conversation with Phoebe Bridgers’ melancholic lyricism and the love poetry of Ada Limón, Bolongaita brings together academic writing, colloquial speech, talk-backs to colonial anthropologists, and uncanny images of nature and adolescence to traverse the boundaries between history and love, motherhood and daughterhood, sobriety and intoxication, comedy and tragedy, and violence and intimacy, creating a new understanding of growing up and girlhood.

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Bea Bolongaita's powerful collection...captures fleeting moments with certainty and precision.

—Adam Clay

author of To Make Room for the Sea & editor-in-chief of The Mississippi Review

Praise For
The Tomato Woman

There is a tender ache in these pages, an ache born between knowing who you are and who you can become.

—Ruth Awad

author of Set Music to a Wildfire

A resplendent chapbook of poems that powerfully writes the body...

—Michael Leong

author of Who Unfolded My Origami Brain?

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About Bea Bolongaita

Bea Bolongaita is a Filipina American poet from Dublin, OH. Her poetry appears or is forthcoming in Whale Road ReviewGood River Review, Rogue Agent JournalPCC Inscape, and elsewhere. Her debut poetry chapbook, The Tomato Woman (Sunset Press, May 2023), is currently available for purchase.

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